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XP Visual Tools is a suite of tools for the enhancement of Windows XP
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XP Visual Tools is a suite of tools for the enhancement of Windows XP. The application allows you to tweak a few design aspects of the Windows XP user interface to customize it to your liking. The first tool in the suite is called XP Transparency. In a nutshell, this feature applies transparency to both your Start Menu and your Taskbar. You can slide a bar to increase or decrease the level of transparency that you want. And it works in real-time; that is to say, you can see the changes as you slide the bar. The second feature is XP Visual Style, which allows you to set the look of the Windows XP theme onto any application on your system. Thirdly, XP Logon is perhaps the most useful one of the built-in tools. It allows you to change the theme of the log-on screen. The application comes with a sample logonui.exe file, but you can download more from the Internet and apply them using the tool. The last feature allows you to manage your XP wallpapers. You just add images to the list from where you can apply them and see a preview.

All of the features are easily accessible from a centralized menu. There are some advanced settings to play with but the application is very simple at all times. It is very responsive and changes take place instantly.

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